Thanks for the advice Cherry – I have been doing this with a guy who has been in and out of my life since January. In the past if a guy had pulled a disappearing act I would have cut him off completely… but since I have very strong feelings for this one I'm being more open to see what happens (while still dating others myself). We had a whirlwind relationship and he said he was about to buy a ring for me, but then he got spooked and has been back and forth ever since. I have not seen or slept with him since we were in a committed relationship (so it has been 6 months) but even still I find it very hard to deal with every time he comes back in contact. Usually it's a flurry of texts and calls once a month and then he disappears for a few weeks only to repeat the process. At first he seemed to be testing me to see if I'd settle for just sex, and I had to turn him down (nicely)… then the last time he called he seemed to finally be ready to take me on a proper date again, but then he must have freaked out again as he didn't follow through. The whole thing drives me bonkers and yet in all the men I've dated since then nobody comes close to our connection. I'm torn because hearing from him keeps me hooked and stops me from moving on… but I don't want to tell him to stop contacting me either because each time he seems to be getting closer… Men are so hard to understand!

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