The boyf, the bambino, and I were supposed to go to church yesterday as we were planning to meet the reverend to arrange a date for her christening. Naturally we woke up late so we were in a bit of a rush but surprisingly, we were all ready really quickly. Just as we were getting ready to go, we heard the distinctive sound of a squelch. "Oh NO! She's doing a poo!" I wailed. "I'll change her" the boyf said and we quickly got out of all her changing stuff. As he undid her nappy he started making mock choking noises and cleaned her up as we both giggled. He placed a wipe under her bum and just as he was laughingly saying that we need to open the window, we heard another squelch. "Lucky I put that wipe there!"laughed the boyf. Then there was another squelch, and another which went into his hand, and next thing you know nearly 25 minutes had gone by and we'd missed most of the service.

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