But really, I’ll stick with love and compassion. I’ve learned a lot about both this year. I’ve chosen to show kindness and tolerance to everyone I come in contact with – even the jerks – and think I’ve had a better year than most because of it. And this year, I’ve loved another person more than I ever have in my life.

So, I get it. There’s nothing more important than love. With love, none of us would have to make Christmas wish lists. None of us would have to wish for world peace. We wouldn’t have to wish bad things on Sarah Palin because she would already be a kind, generous broad.

Santa, you’ve watched the story of love in my life evolve in new and interesting ways this year. You know what I want, you’ve heard me asking for it. And I know you’re making me work for it because it’s special. Love is the Holy Grail. You can’t just stumble upon it like a quarter on the sidewalk.

So all I want next year is more and more love. Keep it coming. Give me more work to do, I’m getting there. Hopefully, we all are.

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