But NOT argumentative or challenging or aggressive or anything bad. Nothing too personal, no obnoxious questions and no awkward pauses. While I did tell a lot of personal stuff (I always do) I didn't cross any lines--I have no discomfort about anything I said. In a way, it was like a first date on the phone. I think it was, actually. And I was thinking he might not call. And, I'm just crazy about the sound of his voice. I found listening to him even more enjoyable because of that. We have plans for Sunday evening. I am looking forward to seeing him in person. It should be fun. Will it be love at first sight? Probably not. Will it "work out"? Probably not. Will we have a good time and a good conversation? Yes, most definitely yes.

Will DrG send more email? I don't know, but I didn't write back, so probably not.

Will PP send more email? See above.

Will Mark call? Yes (see above).

Will I see my lawyer for a friendly group activity? Quite possibly.

Do I feel smugly popular right about 2021-01-21 (木) 01:29:55 Yes indeedy I do.

Should I be sleeping right now instead of writing? Um. Yes.

Grateful for: smug contentment, while it lasts.

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