How long do Koi Fish Live

How long do Koi Fish Live: The Koi carp is a subspecies of the carp known to all. Native to Japan, it is the most common fish in ponds and ornamental ponds after goldfish. It is the object of a true cult by its color combinations, its fidelity and its elegance. With a life expectancy varying from 40 to 50 years on average, it can reach up to 80 cm in length. Typically, females grow larger than males as adults.

Food Koi carp are fish that adapt to any type of food that is offered to them. Generally vegetarian in nature, fish food such as flakes or granules is very suitable for them. You also have the opportunity to find specific food adapted to koi carp in our Maxi Zoo stores. In winter, it is not necessary to feed them, because they enter a phase of lethargy and bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of the basin to protect themselves from the cold when the temperature drops below 6 °. Environment The koi carp is a pond fish that needs space. An average space of 3m3 should be provided for a fish and 1m3 for each additional fish. Regular monitoring of water quality is essential. Food scraps and dead plants can degrade it and affect the daily life of carp. Plan places where they can take refuge and shelter from the sun because even fish get sunburned! The installation of a filtration system is essential in order to guarantee pure and sufficiently oxygenated water. Behaviour These pond fish are particularly known for their docile and routine character. Living during the day, young koi carp accept community life very well, with goldfish for example. On the other hand, older specimens prefer to live alone. By feeding them at set times, you will increase your chances of taming them, having them come to eat from your hand and even touch them. Don’t hesitate to ask our in-store experts for more advice.

Source : https://memfish.net/how-long-do-koi-fish-live/

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