…So it’s better to stay together in a dead-end relationship, than to risk being alone for a very long 01:14:04

I ended a long term relationship because after being together for 10 years, we had become more like room-mates than a couple. She’s a wonderful person, but we had virtually nothing in common, and for me the bottom line all boiled down to this question:

I my life better having her in it, and is her life better having me in hers?

…I spent 3 months thinking about this and asked all my friends what they thought. The men all said “Anything is better than nothing”, the women mostly said “Never ever settle, you will regret it for the rest of your life”.

In the end I pulled the plug, and while I have been pretty lonely at times, I have never regretted my choice.

Staying with someone because you are basically a big chicken, is just such a sad sad situation.

…I also think the strategy of “I’ll just stay with them until someone better comes along” is another huge character flaw. Live your life as if it actually means something. Selling out because you are afraid of being lonely is just so pathetic.

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