Lauren yes I understand that low sex drive could be the culprit, however so could be the lack of orgasm or worse none at all. I agree with you about sexual compatibility before marriage though. The poster seemed hostile towards his wife and I just felt it necessary to point out that women who experience pleasure during sex generally desire their husbands/lovers so maybe some of the blame lies with himself.

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by Precious Baby on 2006 Aug 5 - 10:11 | reply to this comment
Good point
When I was young and foolish but very sexual and a virgin, courting my ex-husband and quite young I made a tape. I still have it. It's called virginity - very funny now to hear... but it's all about as were writings of mine at the time... whether to have sex (which was religiously wrong) so that I didn't end up getting married in order to see what it was like or not. The conclusion was to get on with it before. But even so what I took for dominance and some fairly kinky things (all at my instigation) wasn't (not that we divorced over that). When people are wanting to die, when my ex husband wanted to be dead, told the children so, when one of them suggested it might be better if he were, when we were all of us so hugely miserable I just bit the bullet and although it was hard, it was the right thing to do. I don't think if sex is the only problem though that that is grounds enough.

by Hera on 2006 Oct 14 - 09:15 | reply to this comment
A virgin until marriage
So you meet someone you fall in love with and everything is going great and then you tell him that you`re not a virgin and just for that one reason he breaks up with you because it`s against his religious believes? I think that`s wrong too, even God forgives your sins. And if a man says he would never marry a woman unless she`s a virgin, I think that`s having a one tracked mind. There`s a lot more to getting married than being a virgin. If everybody would think that way, all people who have been in bad relationships wouldn`t have a second chance. There are more than enough religious people in this world who have been divorced. It`s no garantee to stay happily married just because you decided to stay a virgin until marriage.


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