Twitter is imposing new restrictions and adding warning labels to prevent the spread of misinformation about the US presidential election.

Twitter said in a statement on Friday that from October 20 to at least the end of the US election week, global users will be encouraged to pause and think before they "retweet."

The company said that users pressing "retweet" will first be directed to the "quote tweet" button and encouraged to add their own commentary.

The social media platform will also flag tweets that declare premature victory and remove any that urge people to interfere with the election process through acts of violence.

With less than a month before the election, a number of US voters are expected to opt for mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The results could be delayed because of the time needed to count the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots that are expected.

Russia allegedly meddled in the 2016 US presidential election using social media platforms.

Other social media companies have also tightened measures against political advertisements and spreading misinformation about the election.


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