Here we are going to discuss a few steps to how to speed up your windows 10 for free and without using any software.

Step: 1
Power Option
Go to your start menu and search for a power option. You will see the power options on the result, now click on it. Then you will get this control panel power options window. Here you can notice the default power plan is set as balanced. Change it to high performance. Now close the power option.

Step: 2
Disable unwanted startup programs
For that first you need to go to the task manager is by right click on any empty space on your taskbar and choose task manager from here, once you are at the task manager, go to startup, and here you will see all the programs that start up automatically when your system start.
When you install a program in Windows, it may include a small program that runs when Windows starts. After installing a set of software, you may experience your boot-up process could become slow. And this program runs on the system background forever and it causes your system performance to slow down.

If there are programs that you don’t use very often, they probably don’t need to start every time windows do.

To disable unwanted startup programs to achieve a better startup speed and system performance. You can see many programs that we use regularly as well as many programs that we never use on a daily basis. Identify them and apply this. If you are unable to do this, contact computer repair services near me in Hyderabad.

For example, if you are not an active user of Skype, you can disable Skype from automatically start up once your system startup. Disable the number of other programs as well, that aren’t use regularly and make sure you do not disable your programs published by Microsoft Corporation because maybe these programs running your windows, and don’t disable the antivirus. Now close the task manager.

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