The women I meet tend to be looking for something else entirely. Maybe they want a guy with a good job, someone responsible who can provide and protect. Or maybe they want a single dad who owns a home, and has financial security.
Of course, some guys play right along. They wear a nice watch, show off their car, take women on elaborate dates.
Nothing wrong with that, but displays of material wealth and shows of comfort aren’t important to me. When I date seriously, I look for a woman I connect with. I like her, she likes me. We get along as people, rather than depending on each other for survival or trying to upgrade our lifestyles.
Being a single parent has shown me that I can get along fine by myself. I don’t need a woman to take care of my house or my kids.
As a single dad dating, I want to find a woman who shares enough of my interests and values that we genuinely enjoy spending time together.
Whether we’re at the opera, or not.

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