[[If today I want to create a wide area network between two branches that are located in different countries, which WAN technology would be the best in terms of speed and cost?]]

[[Evolution of WAN Technology:]]

The first wide-area network went live in 1965, with the first host-to-have message four years later. Crucially, TCP/IP — the internet's basic transmission protocol — was tried in 1975 and was received as the DARPA standard in 1980.

[[Wide Area Networks (WANs) (Meaning):]]

A wide area network (WAN) is a data network, generally utilized for connecting computers, that spans a wide geological area. WANs can be utilized to connect cities, states, or even nations. But WANs transmit data at slower speeds than LANs.

The following technologies can help to create a WAN(http://bit.ly/2PaN62X) connection between different countries:

[[1. Public Cloud:]]

Wide Area Network (WAN) prerequisites for the enterprise are becoming more cloud-driven. Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN (VWAN) is addressing these necessities by enabling devices and sites to interface with Azure's open cloud more effectively and globally.

SD-WAN managed services over Azure's VWAN, will empower service organizations worldwide to deliver CNaaS managed services.

Through this offering, enterprises at some random site can utilize a hybrid deployment of MPLS and Internet to control the traffic between mission-critical traffic (MPLS and Carrier Ethernet) and non-mission critical traffic (Internet), which further associates directly to Azure by means of Azure ExpressRoute.

This connection can be built up utilizing TCTS' highly recognized platform, 'Virtual Cloud exchange'(https://telecoms.com/493483/telecoms-was-the-ultimate-winner-at-the-2018-glotel-awards/), for working within local service organization environments or white-labeled options using the Equinix' Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™) and Network Edge solution contributions within their data centers globally.

[[2. SD-WAN (SDWAN) & VPN:]]

At times, software-defined WAN technology utilizes Internet broadband connections to replace more costly solutions. Virtualization technology can apply network security(https://www.quora.com/What-is-network-security-in-computer/answer/Sirisha-133) and virtual private systems networking (VPN) connections to broadband Internet associations, making them progressively secure.

[[3. Internet of Things (IoT) Service providers:]]

Their Private Area Networks & WANs (Wide Area Networks) serves as global network systems that perfectly addresses the challenges of traceability, a requirement of extensive significance for most industries, especially in logistics and supply network segments.

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