You must have heard of the blog, right? But if you ask some people around what a blog specific definition is, you will probably not get the exact answer. In this post we will explain what blogging is. You will also know what a blogger is, why you should create a blog, different types of blogs, how to get started, and more.

So, what is a blog?

A blog is a private information website or online blog, with a presentation of the latest articles posted to the top. Bloggers can be individuals or small groups, expressing their subjective view on a certain topic, writing about their likes.

The definition of blog (weblog) is just that, although over the years, the line between website and blog has been blurred. You will understand more in the following section.

Blog for what

People and companies use blogs for many different purposes. Here are some specific examples of blogging purposes:

You are passionate about a topic and want to share it with the community.

You are working on an academic project, for example the effectiveness of a sleep test and want to save this process information.

You are running a business and need it to help sell products better, reach more customers by explaining more products.

You are trying to turn your blog into a monetization tool.

A blog, like a news website or subscription site, has its own structure. Depending on the type of blog, the structure will be different, but there are still general standards that you will immediately know if it is a blog.

Blog structure

The structure of the blog will have title bars and menus. The homepage contains all the latest articles. The sidebar is usually for adding information about social media, special articles or most viewed articles. Footer will have information such as privacy statements, disclaimer and contact information. This structure will be geared towards helping visitors read the content primarily

What is blogging?

Blogging is a blogging and blogging skill that combines internet tools to help bloggers write, share, and link easily. It has been around since 2000 when many political bloggers began. How-to blogs and tips have also been born. The difference between the press and the blog, the line between the two types is fading with each year.

To better understand blogging, we need to know why it is so popular. Blogging exploded from the very beginning. What is the reason behind? Blogging evolved as an official platform for news and information. Like previous press, thanks to convenience, blogging has grown extremely fast. The first reason is that you can read the blog without any cost. Blogs are updated on a regular basis, and you can choose to follow each blog you like without having to skip each item like in a newspaper. The growth of blogging has become a powerful new thing. Blogging is more than a diary that everyone can read, but who is a blogger? Please continue to find out.

Who is Blogger?

Blogger is a blog operator, sharing their vision with you online, both personal or business side. Themes that blogger chooses can range from art to politics. Many bloggers also become celebrities with their own niche. Some consider it as a left-hand job, some blogging full-time and most choose a blog as a place to record their interests. Becoming a blogger has never been so fun and easy. Bloggers are also highly mobile and aren't tied to geography when developing content.

In fact, most bloggers are bloggers everywhere. Anyway, the Internet is an open world and so is blogger.

Now that you know what a blog is and who blogger, let us learn more about blog history.

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