The central makers of this new example set up their musings as a normal event by examining the possible results of nonlinear story by building account hypertexts or hyperfictions to which they applied a simply familiar structure, with no portrayed dynamic framework or line of conflict. These makers slanted toward the poststructuralist researchers like Barthes , Derrida or Foucault and their obstruction of the open work or work in setting. It was the peruser who was making the work by techniques for an exploratory and disclosure adventure through an unclear way. It was, really, to consider that the substance was being filled in as the peruser He picked, indiscriminately, between following whichever way among the bifurcations that appeared to him. The complement was on the peruser and not on the substance, since it was the primary that made the substance by examination, organizing his methods towards a particular course without knowing very well where his methods would lead him.

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