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How Long do Betta Fish Live

How Long do Betta Fish Live? The average lifespan of Betta fish, or betta splendens, is 2 to 4 years in captivity, for both males and females. Some aquarists said they kept a fighter for 6 years! The lifespan of a fighting fish depends on several factors. Make the right choice from the start If possible, buy your fighter from a local breeder instead of a pet store. These stores sell male fighting fish when they are about a year old, and females when they are about six months old. This will affect the length of time you can admire your fish. It is always difficult to know how the fish were maintained when purchased from a pet store. They may have been subjected to cramped, overcrowded aquariums, and regularly given medication to prevent stress-related illnesses. You should therefore be particularly vigilant when buying and buying a healthy betta. Choose a betta with bright colors and alert behavior. If it is a male, check to see that it displays when it is in front of another male. It should not have ripped, ruffled scales or white spots. Life expectancy of a fighter in a ball A fighter’s lifespan will always be significantly reduced if kept in an unfiltered, unheated ball. This is especially true if the volume of the aquarium is less than 10 liters. Pet stores display fighters in small containers due to their aggressiveness and territorial nature, and to save space. It is a temporary habitat since cohabitation is delicate with females and other fish, and impossible between males. Pet stores also sell small aquariums of less than 10 liters (or even only 2 liters!) Specifically for combatants. Flee them like the plague! This is not suitable for these fish and would reduce their life expectancy. How to take care of a betta fish? Aquarium It is recommended to choose an aquarium with a volume of 20 liters to have a happy and healthy fighter. If you are constrained by space, a 10 liter aquarium is a vital minimum. A smaller aquarium will seriously affect the life expectancy of your fighter, because the chemical balance of the water will be very precarious there and the fighter will not have enough places to hide: he will be stressed. If you are in doubt about the size of the aquarium, always go for the larger one. We have prepared a selection of the best pest control aquariums currently on the market for you, and there is something for every price. Bettas need hiding places to feel safe, so make sure you have enough plants (real water plants if possible) or decorations. Also make sure your aquarium has a lid, as fighting fish will jump and may end up on the ground. Food

Fighters need a specific diet rich in protein. Some fighting fish are particularly finicky and will not even touch the food intended for tropical fish because it does not meet their needs. It is therefore necessary to focus on foods intended for combatants, but also to supplement this diet with other foods rich in protein, such as bloodworms or artemia. These can be found lyophilized, frozen or alive. In the wild, fighters have access to many prey and are active carnivores. In captivity, you need to replicate their environment as much as possible, and that also means nutrition. Avoid overfeeding them, as this can also lead to complications.

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