BGP Route Reflectors

Route reflectors are networking routing components specific to border gateway protocol, commonly known as BGP. Route reflectors are an alternative to the full-mesh requirement of internal BGP (IBGP), and act as a focal point for IBGP sessions. Because route reflectors can propagate IBGP routes to other IBGP peers, a full mesh of IBGP peers is not necessary.

The concept of a route reflector is consistent across IP version 4 as well as 6, but the topology used here refers to IPv6. In the diagram below, the red dotted lines represent external BGP relationships, while the blue dashed lines reflect the internal neighborships within the AAS.

The Role of Route Reflectors If R3 follows the rule and does not advertise the prefix to its internal neighbors, R4 and R5 will not learn it. The purpose of route reflectors is to fix that problem.

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